Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Photograph of the interior of The National Archives Library

The National Archives Library, © 2015.

The SUNCAT team is very proud to announce that The National Archives is our hundredth Contributing Library. Just over 1600 serials records from The National Archives Library have been added to the database. This milestone makes it a fantastic start to the year.

The National Archives, located at Kew in Richmond, Surrey, is the UK government’s official archive. Its collection of over 11 million historical government and public records is one of the largest in the world. From the Domesday Book to modern government papers and digital files, the collection includes paper and parchment, electronic records and websites, photographs, posters, maps, drawings and paintings. The National Archives' present aim is to collect and secure the future of the government record, both digital and physical, to preserve it for generations to come, and to make it as accessible and available as possible.

The reference-only Library at The National Archives has a collection of books, periodicals and directories on history (including local, family and military history), law, biography, genealogy, as well as a wide range of reference material.  A number of electronic reference resources are also available. The National Archives Library uses Koha open-source Integrated Library System, the first library using this system to be added to SUNCAT.

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