Friday, February 27, 2015

A new blog has been launched for ‘The County Surveys of Great Britain: 1793 – 1817' project.

The County Surveys of Great Britain, which were commissioned by the Board of Agriculture, are the earliest surveys of their kind in the world. They recorded comprehensive information on the agriculture, rural economy and political economy of each county in Great Britain between 1793 and 1817. They provide a unique insight into the innovation and agricultural improvement during a significant period in the making of Britain as the first industrial nation.

Despite its remarkable historical interest, this resource is currently under-used because very few surveys are available in digital format, and printed copies are difficult to locate and access. This project will explore how the creation of a virtual collection can unleash the potential of the County Surveys for discovery.

The blog marks a new phase of the project as we begin to prepare for the release of the online collection demonstrator, which will be launched in summer 2015. As well as documenting the project, the blog will allow us to share information about the surveys and give an insight into the development work that has gone into creating this rich bibliographic resource.