Monday, February 9, 2015

graph showing people in favour of a service like SafeNet

SafeNet is a Jisc project to develop the foundations of national archive infrastructure to host a UK collection of archived e-journals and clarify continuing access rights through use of an entitlement registry that will record subscription history. The intention is to simplify the route to articles when a current subscription is no longer in place and access via the publisher's platform is either unavailable or unaffordable.

In January 2015, Jisc Collections carried out a survey of its membership in order to understand the post-cancellation access needs of the UK HE community. We are now making available the results of that survey.

37 people representing 35 institutions - approximately 25% of UK higher education institutions - completed an online questionnaire which was sent out on three mailing lists aimed at librarians. The detailed free text responses given to many of the questions will take longer to analyse, so a preliminary report is designed to give early indicative feedback to the community.

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