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Award Success for EDINA’s Research-informed Digital Footprint Consultancy and Training

EDINA’s Digital Footprints training and consultancy was awarded 2nd Place at the Social Media in Practice Excellence Awards 2017 on 4th July. The award recognizes our success in undertaking commissions for digital footprint and social media training and expertise for a diverse range of organisations. Our consultancy and training work, led by Nicola Osborne, is tailored to organisations own contexts and needs and is informed by research undertaken as part of the Managing Your Digital Footprints initiative with University of Edinburgh colleagues (PI: Louise Connelly).

The Social Media in Practice Excellence Awards Competition gives visibility to interesting or leading edge applications of social media. Submissions to the competition included contributions from Austria, China, India, the USA and the UK. A panel of judges chose the case history finalists who were invited to present their work at the 4th European Conference on Social Media, in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2017.

The finalists included a customer engagement application in China, The FOSSIL Project from the United States that uses social paleontology to bring together paleontologists from across the spectrum of expertise, the EDINA Digital Footprint Consultancy & Training Service from the UK, the Traditions Challenge which encourages student participation in school activities from the USA, a system using Digital Natives’ Everyday Social Media Behaviour to Anticipate Their Acceptance of Technology Innovations In Business from Austria and a case history looking at Social Big Data Processing.

In addition, the University of Edinburgh team recently won another award. Nicola Osborne (EDINA) and Louise Connelly (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies) received First Prize in the ALISS Quarterly’s Best Article of the Year Award in June. The award recognizes the “most informative, entertaining and inspiring article” in ALISS quarterly, published by the Association of Library and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences. Nicola and Louise’s article, “Managing Your Digital Footprint” can be read in the October 2015 (Vol. 11, no. 1) edition on the ALISS website.

Additionally, Nicola received a 4* review for her Caberet of Dangerous Ideas show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe entitled Is Your Online Reputation Hurting You? Read the review at:

It’s a nice and informative course letting you know about the various risks and opportunities that one has when they go online. It shows us how to be aware of all things we do online and what precautions to take.

Quote from a recent course participant

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