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This course is designed for those who already have a good grounding in GIS but want to take the skills they have in a commercial GIS package and use them in the leading OpenSource software, QGIS.

Many organisations are looking to complement their commercial GIS with QGIS to help drive down costs and unlock the extra functionality and time savings it can provide. On this course we will show you how to transfer your existing GIS skills to QGIS. The day consists of instructor-led practical exercises with work books provided. The software used will be the latest long term release version of QGIS, 2.18.

The event takes place in the University of Edinburgh’s modern dedicated training facility in Argyle House, and is fully catered.

This workshop contains the following activities:

  • An introduction to the key benefits and reasons for adopting open source GIS software.
  • Starting and setting up QGIS, including some key plugins.
  • Working with existing data in a range of key formats: csv, shapefile, raster formats, File and Personal Geodatabases, WMS, WFS.
  • Creating new datasets using Georeferencing, digitising and selections.
  • Analysing data using joins clips and buffers.
  • Creating PDF maps in the print composer.
  • A demonstration of some advanced data visualisation techniques in QGIS (time dependent.
  • A Q&A session where you can raise questions about your data and work flows.

As well as the talk and instructor led practical exercises you will also benefit from:

  • A digital copy of the workbook, slides and datsets used during the day
  • Access to experts in using QGIS
  • A fully catered event in a modern dedicated training facility

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£250.00 (£200 for University of Edinburgh staff and Students)

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